The inferior teacher tells you
that something is wrong with you
and offers to fix it.

The superior teacher tells you
that something is right with you
and helps you to bring it forth.

Alan Cohen

About Lisa

Lisa Miller AAMH, Certified Hypnotherapist in Portland, Oregon

For years, I suffered from migraines and insomnia. In my search for relief, I discovered hypnosis. Because it was effective in my life, I pursued formal training so that I could assist others with their healing. After 250 hours of intensive training, I received my certification from the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corde Madera. I have also been certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

I draw from my relationship to nature and my heritage in ancient Native American traditions, as well as my training in contemporary hypnotherapy. As a Native American, I grew up with a strong connection to my inner world. I deepened that connection by studying with my elders, teachers, and Native American and indigenous shamans on inner-world journeying. I combine these ancient teachings with my formal training in hypnosis.

I believe we all have the ability, with the right guidance, support, and tools, to free ourselves from limiting beliefs, negative feelings, and unwanted behaviors in order to realize the limitless potential within each of us.

My passion is guiding people to unlock the healing and transformative power of their mind so that they can experience life to its fullest.

Professional Qualifications

Associates Degree in Mental Health
Certified Hypnotherapist
Systemic Constellations Facilitator
Family Resources Mental Health Specialist