The universe is transformation;
our life is what our thoughts make it.

Marcus Aurelius


"Lisa Miller's hypnotherapy sessions have been an amazing opportunity for my own growth and self-care. I've been working with Lisa on a weekly basis for over a year now, and her guidance and support have allowed me to grieve, heal, grow, and embrace life in a deeper fulfilling way. The relationships in my life have strengthened due to the work I've done with her. My self awareness has increased and I leave each session feeling energized, strong and courageous to live my life in a healthy way!"

- Jess, School Health Education Consultant

"Lisa helped me through a very low point in my life. She provided me with a unique set of tools to get me through that time. Her style and perspective matched my needs at the time. I always feel uplifted and refreshed after my time with Lisa. I feel so lucky to have found her."

- Jamie, Public Works

"As a doctor of chiropractic, I have benefitted from Lisa’s care both personally and professionally. She has the insight and compassion to help people help themselves. Knowing the quality care they will receive, I don’t hesitate to refer patients for Lisa’s hypnotherapy."

- Randy L. Hewitt, DC, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
Portland Chiropractic Group

"Working with Lisa was a complete joy! She is a kind and loving person, and a skilled and sensitive therapist. My favorite aspect of working with her had to do with how open she was to my own involvement in my therapy, and how well we worked together. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking to make all kinds of healthful improvements in their lives!"

- Gretchen, Singer/Actor/LoveMonger

"I was referred to Lisa over a year ago. She has truly been a blessing! Through hypnosis I've gained control of my body, mind, and soul. I control what I eat and how I feel now. Lisa is one of the most gifted and genuine people I know. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back!"

- Leesa, Sr. Financial Specialist

"The recording Lisa made for me to ensure a safe and successful surgery could not have been more helpful. After listening to it for a couple of weeks I was able to go into surgery with total confidence and absolutely no fear. My healing was complete and months ahead of usual expectations which was particularly amazing having been considered a high risk patient. I am a believer!!! Lisa was very thorough in her interview with me before she composed my personal recording. She asked all of the right questions in order to elicit what I most needed to hear to calm my fears and to make me feel empowered. I am so grateful I gave myself the gift of Lisa's expertise.....I cannot thank her enough. I consider Lisa to be a very real guardian angel."

- Carolyn, Social Worker/Activist